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    Secret Garden Resto & Café

    34 Paterno Street
    Southdrive Road
    Baguio City
    Telephone: 074-442-04-06

    The Secret Garden Resto & Café is located on South Drive Road between Baguio city and Mines View. This location makes it an ideal stop for lunch when visiting Mines View or the Good Shepherd convent.

    Secret Garden Seating

    Comfortable seating with a great view.

    It is a cozy restaurant with a great ambience and some really nice food. I have never seen a very busy so is a great place for a quiet lunch where date with your loved one. I don’t reservations are necessary but better safe than sorry so you better call ahead and reserve a table before you venture out there.

    The menu is Pizza / Pasta / Asian food. They serve mostly lighter meals. They do a great garden salad which is almost a meal in itself so this can also be shared between a couple of people. The plating and composition of the food is excellent which adds to the overall experience.

    Secret Garden Salad

    The Salads are great!

    The service is usually very good and the view of the pond outside and the pine trees makes the ambience and overall dinner/lunch experience in this restaurant very special. This is definitely one of my favorite places to bring a date.

    View From Secret Garden

    View From Secret Garden

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